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Drumming Lessons
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Warren and his team run his fully kitted out drum studios at the Music Mate store in Park Meadows Shopping Centre in Johannesburg Gauteng. Parents can now rest at ease knowing that their children are in a safe environment while they are having their lesson and they can enjoy a cup of coffee at a nearby restaurant while they wait. The studios consist of world-class gear and are fully setup to record the exercises in each lesson for the student to take home with them. Warren and the team pay fine attention to making sure that you learn all the right things the right way and strive to help you progress into becoming a good drummer.

Whether you want to play drums as a hobby or to take it seriously and hope to become a professional drummer one day, the teachers are glad to assist in both areas by supplying beginner to advanced lessons. The school also hosts lessons for more advanced players that are looking to better themselves and want to look into different techniques and areas of drumming. If you play for a band and you are merely looking to improve the way you play and get some ideas for your band’s songs, then you have also found the right place. After having your first lesson with Warren van Wyk Private Drum Lessons, they will know exactly where to take you.

Warren has written his own educational books, which are based around the lessons and have all the right exercises and foundations to get you started. In the lessons the teachers focus on all the important aspects of drumming such as, Rudiments, Practicing, Theory, Reading Exercises, Grooves, Fills, How to play with a metronome, Technique, Tuning, Setting up the drums, Inspiration, playing to songs and being a professional drummer in the industry. Warren and team also give advice on how to become a working drummer in the advanced lessons.

If you are just starting out they can also give you advice on what drum kit to look for and what sticks to start off with. If you are looking to get recognition with the instrument, the team also offers training on all levels of the Rockschool books so that you can get prepared and write the exams and get grades for the instrument.

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